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Kings of the Bench September 2007
Mr Olympia Expo - Las Vegas

AtLarge Deadlift Ad
Gains so big you'll get drug tested
Mad Science for Sick Results

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World Bench War PLUSA Feature (NOV 2004)
The Anointed Warrior (NOV 2004)
PLUSA Television Commercial

Conquering the Competition Bench! (BodyTalk Jan 05) pages 1 and 2
Conquering the Competition Bench! (BodyTalk Jan 05) page 3
Conquering the Competition Bench! (BodyTalk Jan 05) page 4
Driving Dumbells to Domination pages 1 and 2
Driving Dumbells to Domination pages 3 and 4

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IronGladiators MaxDL and Hardcore Wabdl ad
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HOP Become a Distributor Ad
HOP 2005 Magalog Cover
MMA T-Shirts Magalog Page
High Voltage Power Magalog Page
Powerlifting Weaponry Magalog Pages
HeavyWear Line Magalog Page
Burning It Up in the Gym Magalog Pages
Keep Da Gunz Under Wraps Magalog Pages
HOP 2005 Magalog Back Cover

Kennelly the Conquerer
Benchpress Blitzcriegs
Get Clean

At the Arnold Classic, Universal Nutrition's Cage was all ANIMAL all the time! Bringing on the barbell brutality was "Sgt. Rock" Howard (barbell rowing 425lbs. for 5 reps) and Andy "The Warrior" Fiedler taking an 855 pound bench for a ride! HardcorePowerlifting was there to film these powerhouses and we appreciate Animal Pak bringing them out to freak out the fans! Click here to witness the mayhem. This clip will take a few minutes to download, but check out da HCPL effects!

Believe The Fu**ing Hype! IPF Superheavyweight Powerlifting Champion of the World and Biggest Lifter on ESPN 2's Mountaineer Cup, Brian Siders, has teamed up with HardcorePowerlifting and his new website is up and running. So log on, check it out and visit with Brian and his fellow lifters over on his forum. We'll see you freaks there!

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